Andrus' experience in hair transplantation in Turkey

Today, hair loss and even baldness is a widespread problem among younger men as well. According to statistics conducted by the British, 90% of men are already seeking treatment for hair loss, which in itself is a good indicator because men want to find a solution. A stressful life is one of the main causes of hair loss, and the solution is a sustainable and, so to speak, lifetime guarantee, hair transplant method, by which hair bulbs taken from your own donor site are planted in the desired area. 

It is possible to extend and correct the hairline, to plant it on the top of the head or to fully restore hair growth on the whole head. In some cases, in terms of hair density, the procedure has to be repeated, because in most cases approximately 5000 hair bulbs are transplanted, but the already transplanted follicles do not fall out. 

Andrus (name changed) searched for a solution to his balding head for nearly 25 years. Hearing the experience of an acquaintance about a foreign service provider, he decided to try it himself. However, the result was not as good as he would have expected, the transplant sites were sparse, i.e. significantly fewer were transplanted, and the service quality left much to be desired. In Germany, hair transplant procedures start at approximately 6000 euros, we do not yet offer such a procedure in Estonia, and Andrus heard a recommendation about a clinic in Turkey instead. “Thought about it, did it and very satisfied” states Andrus today. “I received extremely pleasant service and everything went smoothly. On the day of the procedure, a hair root analysis was performed, where on the screen I could see my scalp microscopically close up and the small hairs protruding from it. After the examination and filling out the questionnaire, which included stating my age, past illnesses and passing other similar information to the specialist, I was led to the procedure room. I was put to sleep for 15 minutes, that is, during the general anesthesia, the necessary hair bulbs were taken from my donor area, which was the nape of my neck. I woke up, didn’t feel any pain, and in addition, my entire scalp was anesthetised and the transplant could begin. It lasted about 8 hours for me, usually 6-8 hours should be considered. I did it before autumn, because I knew that colder weather was coming and I could cover my head with a hat. The head must be carefully protected from direct sunlight for the first month. A 6-month aftercare set with shampoo and conditioner was also provided, and mesotherapy was performed on the spot, which in turn helps to stimulate hair growth.”

“Somewhere after the 4th month, the hair started to grow and it seems incredible what can be achieved with today’s technology. In addition to my hair, I regained my self-confidence and take care of my head much more than before. For example, when I go to the sauna, I now always cover my head with a sauna cap so that the excessive heat does not make it too much, the scalp must be protected from the sun’s rays and also from the cold in winter. In addition, I now consume hair growth promoting products such as biotion and received other useful advice from the clinic. Five plus!” Andrus assesses. 

Traveling to Istanbul for the hair transplant procedure does not require special preparation, and the procedure can be combined with a vacation. However, if you only go for the procedure, depending on the selected hair transplant package, you should consider either 3 or 4 days in Istanbul. The price of the package starts at €1200, which includes accommodation with breakfast, all transfers from the airport to the clinic and later back to the airport, in addition to the procedure, on-site tests. Stem cell therapy and plasma therapy, which are becoming more and more popular today, can be performed. The first step in booking the procedure is to send us pictures of your head or the desired area, because follicles are transplanted even into the eyebrows and beard area at the clinic. If there is no hair growth on the head, another area of the body is chosen and the donor follicles are taken from there. We will forward the images to a specialist at the Istanbul clinic, and either through us or directly, you will continue communication and booking with the Istanbul clinic.

For questions or to book an appointment, write to info@bodymed.ee or call: 54410004

Wishing you the fulfillment of your dreams,