Controlled and safe health tourism

bodymed-eesti terviseturism turvaline ja kontrollitud

Check where you are going before you start health tourism. 200 euros discount and 10 kg of halva does not mean a good result!

NB! What to keep in mind when planning health tourism in Turkey?

  • Use the help of a vetting company to find a safe clinic. (www.bodymed.ee)
  • Consider the peculiarities of the local culture.
  • Your local Estonian security person, who has clinic contacts.
  • Make sure the doctors have the necessary certificates.
  • Don’t use intermediaries. Brokers do not provide permanent support!
  • Money is never asked in advance!
  • Always pay in cash. In the case of card payments and transfers, taxes are added and the price increases significantly.
Terviseturism Türki


How long must be on site?

Dental treatment – up to 7 days (2-3 visits).

Plastic surgery – 7 days, of which 2-3 days in the hospital.

Hair transplant – 3 days.

Bodymed garantii


Every procedure comes with a guarantee!

After the procedure, everything necessary for home care is provided.


We recommend bringing a friend who will be supportive and with whom you can enjoy your free time while getting to know Turkish culture.

I will be there for you throughout the journey and will always help!

Triin Randloo, Bodymed partner



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