Raivo story

Done, rested and happy! One of the biggest dreams for a long time in this life was to get back the confidence and smile that has always accompanied me since childhood.

Elery Story

Elery Saaron is 31 years old, raises a tiny son alone and works as an interior designer, in addition, she owns a cleaning company, Ellie Elery, the Fairy of the House, tells herself what happened and why she decided to contact the company for inspection.

A fast course in the use of aesthetic tourism services

We conduct a crash course on the introduction of aesthetic tourism and the use of services, Bodymed partner Triin Randloo talks about the importance of using the help of a control company to find a safe clinic.

Hair transplantation in Istanbul through Ingrid's eyes

Write to us and we will also refer you to a safe, controlled clinic – Dentistry, plastic surgery or hair transplant. We are available for support 24/7

Safe rhinoplasty in Istanbul

What is rhinoplasty? Rhinoplasty e. rhinoplasty is an operation aimed at changing the shape or size of the nose.

Controlled and safe health tourism

You will find out why you can trust and choose verified clinics.

The owner and dentist of Dentakay talks about the activities of their clinic

You will find out why you can trust and choose Bodymed verified clinics.

Season Kanal 2 "Why Choose Istanbul"

What is health tourism and who are good candidates for dental treatment.

Season Channel 2 "Check where you're going"

Why is it necessary to check clinics and what are the different Health Tourism options.

Healthy lifestyle and aesthetic appearance

Promoting a healthy and active lifestyle no longer needs the kind of campaigning that perhaps the representatives of the older generation remember from their youth. A study conducted in Estonia in 2018 showed that the understanding that moderate physical activity and avoiding obesity is the basis of individual well-being and mental health is increasingly taking root among younger people.

An Estonian company that guarantees quality and safety in beauty clinics in Istanbul

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about cosmetic procedures and surgeries. Stories where something has gone wrong reach our ears especially sharply. This has created a fear in many people of both plastic surgery and health tourism in general

Margus nose job or rhinoplasty in Turkey

Many people find themselves faced with a dilemma again and again – how to look more youthful? How would you like my reflection even more? Almost all of us have had similar questions, and there are always solutions to increase your self-confidence with a more beautiful appearance.

Turkey as a popular destination for medical tourism

More and more people around the world consider Turkey the mecca of beauty procedures. Turkey is among the top five in the world, where people have decided to correct their appearance with aesthetic procedures. People arrive from America and

Andrus' experience with hair transplantation in Turkey

Today, hair loss and even baldness is a widespread problem among younger men as well. According to statistics conducted by the British, 90% of men are already seeking treatment for hair loss, which in itself is a good indicator because men want to find a solution. 

Liina's new smile from the Istanbul beauty clinic

Liina visited a beauty clinic in Istanbul with her family in the summer. Liina’s wish was to acquire an aesthetically beautiful set of teeth. Liina had zirconium crowns installed, and we will soon achieve a wonderful result.