Margus nose job or rhinoplasty in Turkey

Many people find themselves faced with a dilemma again and again – how to look more youthful? How would you like my reflection even more? Almost all of us have had similar questions, and there are always solutions to increase your self-confidence with a more beautiful appearance. The truth is that beauty starts from within, which means inner balance and contentment, but this should not mean that taking care of your appearance should be left behind. 

Turkey is known for high-quality nose jobs, as many Arabs have already inherited a long or crooked nose as a genetic inheritance, which locals and citizens of the surrounding countries get corrected in Turkey, as the price level and service quality there are at the top level in the world. And not only the citizens of the surrounding countries, but people from all over the world have discovered the magic of Turkish medicine.

In England, the Turkish cosmetic surgery boom started already about ten years ago, and today Turkey is the 5th country in the world as a destination for performing aesthetic procedures, where people fly to get a better appearance and always a new, more beautiful life.

Estonian man Margus has been involved in both boxing and kickboxing since he was young, in addition, he has survived two serious accidents and his nose has been severely damaged as a result of all this. Snoring, which hindered the quality of sleep, was also a concern. Therefore, he was looking for a solution for nose correction, and hearing about Turkey as a popular destination for health tourism, he decided to have his nose corrected there. The first clinic was not immediately chosen, because just like in other parts of the world, there are clinics of different levels in Turkey, and after doing the preliminary work and visiting various medical institutions, Margus had a nose operation in a clinic in Istanbul that had been selected and received good feedback. He was able to see a doctor quickly and also received useful advice for aftercare. Namely, in the case of rhinoplasty, it is worth remembering that wearing glasses or sunglasses must be avoided for one month, and the nose must be protected from direct sunlight for two months. 

“When I woke up, I didn’t feel any pain, and when the bandages were removed after a few days, I didn’t even have any bruises. The plasters were left on the nose, but the flight home to Estonia could already begin. In total, the nose job and recovery from it took time only 7 day.” 

At Istanbul airport, you will meet a lot of patients who have had themselves corrected, from hair transplants to cosmetic surgeries. “I feel great and the result of my nose is so perfect that a familiar beauty worker who met me for the first time did not realize that my nose had been corrected. The result is just so natural and beautifully proportioned to my face. However, old acquaintances sometimes don’t even recognize me, because the rhinoplasty has greatly changed my face, but only for the better.”

Through BodyMed Esthetics, it is easy to book an appointment for a rhinoplasty or other procedures at the Istanbul clinic or to request additional information, and an individual price offer will be known after a few days at the latest. To do this, a photo and health indicators (height, weight, previous illnesses, etc.) of the desired area must be sent for correction. The necessary analyzes are already taken on the spot, and the time when you are ready to travel to Istanbul must be chosen in advance.

If you have thought about an aesthetic medicine procedure, you value quality and sometimes at a cheaper price than in other parts of the world, you are welcome to write to us: info@bodymed.ee or for more information call: 544 1004.

Wishing you a beautiful life,

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