Trin has worked with many different countries in his life, the last one was Singapore, where he created the Nordic Design House, which helped Nordic designers enter the Asian market. He was a TV host for over 10 years until he found his true passion for helping people get better mentally and physically by creating a new method called PILATRE®, which is internationally recognized by professionals.
 His work with international companies doing business, sales and marketing strategy for them has taken him to different countries around the world and he has worked with several international brands such as KIA, Mothercare, Cadillac etc. He has also been a sales coach and mentor for many retail brands, starting with Nomination Italy, H&M, etc.

“Energy produces energy, you get what you give”

Tema töö rahvusvaheliste ettevõtetega, tehes äri -, müügi- ja turundusstrateegiat neile on viinud teda erinevatesse riikidesse üle maailma ning ta on töötanud mitmete rahvusvaheliste kaubamärkidega nagu KIA, Mothercare, Cadillac jpt. Samuti on ta olnud müügitreener ja mentor paljudele jaemüügi brändidele, alustades Nomination Italy, H&M jne.


Janar is an entrepreneur and trainer with an IT background. For many years, Janar has acted as a mentor for people who need bold changes in their lives and supports people on their development path.

How did BodyMed start?

Why the Turky aesthetic medicine clinic and what procedures can be done there? Read more about the personal experience of entrepreneur Aimari and why he does it:Aimar is an entrepreneur and a good man, whose ability and taking care of himself has been very effective. Aimar lived without hair for 10 years and was looking for a solution to his baldness, how it would be possible to restore his hair.

A few years ago, he heard a recommendation from an acquaintance who had a hair transplant ten years ago in the Philippines, and until now the result has been permanent in the form of beautiful and strong hair.Since no service in this field is offered in Estonia, Aimar began to investigate hair transplantation in more detail, and he received information based on experience from a friend who had successfully transplanted hair in Turkey. Since Aimari had an expected family vacation in Turkey, the idea of trying hair transplant came up there. However, the service quality of the procedure performed at the Alanya aesthetic clinic, which was selected first, was not comparable to what he has achieved in his search to date.

Aimar started researching Turkey as a medical tourism destination and started visiting several beauty clinics in Turkey. After discussions with doctors, the aesthetic medicine clinic in Istanbul was chosen to perform the next procedure. “What awaited me there was VIP service, from transfers to translators, not to mention the favorable price level and procedures, which are at the top level in the world. Today, Aimari has grown into a cooperation partner of an aesthetics clinic in Turkey, and he and his team mediate the clinic’s services both in Estonia and in Europe with future plans.

“I got so much out of it – a more satisfying look and a related boost in self-confidence. Since it is not possible to perform many procedures in the home country due to the lack of service, the solution is an international clinic, where the client, in addition to a more beautiful appearance, can also enjoy a luxurious service along with a vacation. What could be better?” says Aimar with satisfaction. “I feel good when I can help people and do it through the best quality ratio between services and price.


I went through dozens and dozens of companies in order to find the right cooperation partner in order to enable aesthetic procedures for the people of Estonia in the future. I decided to try it myself first at the clinic in Istanbul, which turned out to be the chosen one. I had more hair transplanted, my nose corrected, and thirdly, I chose zirconium dental crowns. I planned to improve the appearance of my teeth for the reason that my teeth have been very healthy, but they have been yellow all my life and they did not respond to whitening. I wanted to continue my life with beautiful white teeth, and if I could describe the satisfaction I felt after undergoing the procedures, that’s why I’m doing it. I founded the company to offer high quality and very good price class aesthetic services to Estonians.”

“Today, I feel a very big change in my life, not only in my appearance, but I feel it inside me as well. People who haven’t seen me in years don’t even recognise me at times, and I’m told that I look ten years younger. I am grateful for this opportunity and I wish to give others this opportunity for a wonderful transformation, which is not only external, through my personal experience.

My suggestion would be, if you’ve been thinking about making your appearance more beautiful, don’t postpone this desire! I encourage everyone, including men, to change.”