Elery Saaron is 31 years old, raises a small son alone and works as an interior designer, in addition she owns a cleaning company, Koduhaldjas Ellie

Elery himself tells what happened and why he decided to turn to the inspection company:

“It was a pleasant evening when I could relax a little and enjoy a nice Friday evening with my friend Cärola, the evening started with me falling off my scooter at 25 km/h due to technical problems. siraki, down the sidewalk and the front teeth were the first to get hit. The tooth fairy of the evening was my friend Cärol, who took my front tooth to the emergency room so that the doctor could put it back on me. I am young, and without a front tooth that was not found, I could not move forward in life.

I went to the Tallinn dental clinic, where they offered quotes up to 18,500 euros, implant and cabinet treatment. Then I wrote to the cosmetic surgery Facebook group, where I researched various possibilities to perform the given work cheaply in Estonia or abroad. I was contacted by Triin, an experienced specialist at the control clinic, who shared her journey in Turkey, and thanks to her, I reached the Bodymed control company.

The journey has been wonderful, painless for me and I am more aware of teeth and how important it is that your teeth are in order, because your health starts with your teeth.

I can’t put into words the result, I have never received the kind of service that was offered to me at the clinic and Triinu personally.

Unfortunately, we have to admit that Estonian dental treatment is insanely expensive, and because of this, many people cannot afford dental treatment. I recommend everyone to fulfill their dream and find 1 times the amount to fix their teeth.

Positive about this entire journey: fast, painless, wallet-friendly, compared to Estonia. Support person by Bodymed available 24/7, interpreter if necessary, vip transport, comfortable hotel that includes everything and, of course, vacation: sun and sea.

I would mention the disadvantages: discomfort, because none of us likes to be at the dentist and see everything, but for this it is possible to organize general anesthesia.

Until now, I have in front of my eyes that my girlfriend will be my tooth fairy forever because she was the one who kept my tooth behind the door of the emergency room 😊

I feel confident and love to smile.”