The only thing the customer has to take care of himself is the plane tickets. We recommend purchasing tickets from momondo.com or another airline ticket provider.

At the Istanbul airport, a driver with a clinic label and a private transfer will be waiting for the client, which will take them either to the hotel or the clinic according to the agreement. The customer’s arrival time has been agreed in advance through the WhatsApp communication channel, and the customer must send a photo of themselves to be easily recognisable to the driver.

Payment for the procedures is made on the spot in the clinic. If you have concluded an Esto installment contract through us, payment for the procedure/s to the Istanbul clinic will be made in advance.

The accommodation reservation is pre-arranged in either a 4* or 5* hotel, the reservation and confirmation will be sent to the customer before traveling to Istanbul. 

The package price includes all transfers to the hotel, clinic and Istanbul airport on the day of arrival and departure.

On the day of the procedure, you follow the doctor’s or specialist’s recommendations, if necessary, additional tests are taken, and the doctor’s reception and consultation about the procedure will take place. More detailed information, depending on the procedure, upon arrival during the initial consultation. 

During your free time in Istanbul, you can get to know the local life. Visit attractions, shopping malls and enjoy the local fun of Turkey.

For the most part, the client who undertakes a medical tourism trip undergoes several procedures at the same time, and we recommend that you read the recommendations of a doctor or specialist in advance, depending on the procedure. 

In Turkey, the cooler period starts from November, so bring warmer clothes. The sunny, hotter season lasts until the end of October, and short clothing is required. Depending on the hotel, you can also use the spa and swimming pool, and bring your swimwear. If it is necessary to support yourself with nutritional supplements, e.g. probiotics, mumio, then stock them in advance as well.

As with any trip, it is recommended to choose travel insurance from a suitable service provider.

Follicles are implanted with hair from the client using special equipment. The duration of the procedure is 5-8 hours and the implanted hair has a lifetime guarantee.

During the initial consultation, a new panoramic image of the bite is taken and you explain or show the result you want from the image. You choose a shade and then the teeth are polished, prepared and temporary crowns are added. After 4-5 days, handmade crowns are created in the laboratory, and during the next visit, the crowns are placed in the mouth. The duration of the entire procedure during the stay in Turkey is approximately 5 hours.

During the doctor’s consultation at the clinic, suitable implants (round prostheses) are selected, either Motiva or Sebbin.