Safe rhinoplasty in Istanbul

What is rhinoplasty? Rhinoplasty e. rhinoplasty is an operation aimed at changing the shape or size of the nose.

Most often, patients want to correct their nose for one of the reasons listed below:

Dissatisfaction with the overall shape or size of your nose.

The nose seems to the patient to be either too large, asymmetrical or disproportionate to the rest of the face.

The back of the nose is too wide, too high (there is a bump) or too low (there is a so-called saddle nose).

The tip of the nose is hanging down or too upright, excessively protruding (long), unpleasantly round and wide. Dissatisfaction with the shape and size of the nostrils.

The patient may be disturbed by excessively visible nostrils or excessively flapping nostrils.

Nasal curvature or other deformity due to previous trauma or abnormality.

See before and after pictures of Bodymed patients here.

Why choose verified health tourism in Istanbul through Bodymed?

Bodymed has checked several hospitals and only recommends safe places

  1. You always have the opportunity to turn to an Estonian contact who will help, advise, explain and support you on your journey.
  2. Only Bodymed has the contacts of clinic managers to help or speed up the processes when you are in Istanbul,
  3. Clinics wanted by Bodymed are staffed by surgeons and doctors with great experience and the best results who have the necessary certificates.
  4. Bodymed does not charge a commission, you pay directly to the clinic.
  5. Services many times cheaper than in Estonia

What does the health tourism process look like?

Communication with a Bodymed specialist who will explain the process on whatsapp or call +3725111842
You will be contacted by the Istanbul Surgeon’s assistant, to whom you send the pictures for the first consultation, further communication either by phone or in writing, and you will be given an offer
If you have decided to go to Istanbul through Bodymed, you will have support in your native language the whole time.
Once the tickets have been purchased and landed in Istanbul, you will be sent a video of the gate number to exit at the airport and a transfer will be waiting for you, who will take you to your hotel and drive you to the clinic/hospital for visits
All further instructions will come to you on whatsapp. (if necessary, there is an Estonian contact 24/7, you must send him the times of your visits so that he is ready to answer you immediately)
The first visit is an Istanbul-style upsell, so be prepared to use the phrase “I will stick with my initial plan!” You will be examined by a doctor and his assistant, who will decide the final plan.
Next, you will be assigned the time of the operation and the preliminary rounds, so that everything is in order.
After the operation, you stay in the hospital, which is modern and has very pleasant staff, for 1-3 days.
You will be given all the necessary antibiotics, probiotics, bandages and painkillers from the hospital
The last visit is a doctor’s check-up, where your condition is reviewed and you are ready to fly back home.

Bodymed guarantees you confidence and a safe journey on the health tourism journey.

If you have any questions, write to whatsapp +3725111842 or info@bodymed.ee


Original article: Buduaar