Healthy lifestyle and aesthetic appearance

Promoting a healthy and active lifestyle no longer needs the kind of campaigning that perhaps the representatives of the older generation remember from their youth. A study conducted in Estonia in 2018 showed that the understanding that moderate physical activity and avoiding obesity is the basis of individual well-being and mental health is increasingly taking root among younger people. Mental health and aesthetic appearance were also considered important.

Over time, a series of advocates of this way of thinking and way of life, as well as indicators of personal role models, have emerged. One of these is Triin Randloo, former host of the popular TV shows “Naiste miläd” and “Stiliipäevik”.


Pulse: Triin, you have very cleverly combined your business activities with the lifestyle and health attitudes that are important to you. It includes both the Pilatre training concept you created and the development of health tourism. Tell me more, please.

Trin: As a former volleyball player, I constantly ended up in different parts of the world, and treadmills found in hotel gyms became frequent travel companions. In a gym in Singapore, the thought of exercising on a treadmill popped into my head. Routine brisk walking on a treadmill can be very boring. That’s how I started to think of and add different movements to walking that would make the exercise both more effective and more exciting. With the encouragement of my fellow trainers, I started to develop the idea further. That’s how Pilatre, a full-body training method, was born. We did it together with an internationally licensed and experienced Pilates teacher Kerttu Tänavaga. 

When talking about Pilates, Triin considers the effect of this exercise on the mind as well as the body to be particularly important. Pilatre helps reduce stress and anxiety and brings positive emotions back to the treadmill. In the modern world, people’s daily lives are exceptionally busy and busy. The idea that one week should fit different strength and cardio trainings in addition to work and family seems very ambitious, if not impossible. “However, Pilates training changes all that, because the training specially designed for the treadmill helps you enjoy all the aforementioned training elements at the same time.

Pulse:  In addition to what was previously discussed, you are developing health tourism under the Bodymed brand. What is this health tourism?

Trin: Health tourism is a form of leisure time, which includes, in addition to spa and wellness tourism, medical tourism, within the framework of which you can order procedures that take care of your aesthetic appearance. This form of tourism, which is gaining popularity in the world, helps to connect trips with the goals of personal treatment or aesthetic surgery, in addition to the cultural and relaxation-oriented goals of the vacation trip. As part of a medical trip, plastic surgery can be used to adjust various areas of the body, tighten the area around the eyes and the neck, improve the condition of the teeth, and transplant hair. The list of procedures is quite long. You can read all this on our website https://bodymed.ee/teenused/

Pulse: Is medical tourism somehow a controlled activity and does it require licensing?

Trin: Medical tourism is, like any other form of business related to tourism, which does not require separate licensing. However, our cooperation partners, whose services we mediate, are under special attention and require an operating license. We cooperate with recognized and licensed treatment facilities. We help the client to choose the appropriate treatment facility from among our partners, organize activities related to the reservation, organize on-site transportation and accommodation, and ensure all other necessary organizational issues. Conscious wellness tourists usually stay in high-class hotels, where they can receive personal service and use various wellness services to let the body recover. and feel fresh again. We have created a full Bodymed service package that includes both a 5-star hotel and VIP transport.


Pulse: So where do you offer your service?

Trin: Medical tourism and the mediation of clinical procedures and plastic surgery require a great deal of market awareness and preparation. We have researched several destinations and personally visited dozens and dozens of establishments that offer the respective services. Just kidding, I can say that the owner of our company has, so to speak, tried the corresponding services and procedures on his own skin. Our choice (and the place where we have signed a series of cooperation agreements) has stopped at Turkey. Relatively good connections with Estonia, a pleasant climate throughout the year, a European understanding of service and a very high level of medical care that meets international standards were important components on the basis of which we made our final decision. Let it be said that today we have gathered a number of grateful customers who are willing to share their experiences. 


“There is no arguing about taste” and “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” – these are two sayings that every person has heard in his life. But one thing is certain – healthy teeth and a bright smile are always and timelessly beautiful and to everyone’s taste.


Pulse: Adjusting the appearance is probably quite expensive fun.

Trin: We haven’t heard much grumbling yet. At the same time, if you don’t have the whole amount to spend right away, you can always use Bodymed’s leasing partners, who offer favorable terms to pay in installments after visiting Istanbul, when you have a Hollywood smile on your face, or other services have been experienced.

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