Turkey as a popular destination for medical tourism

More and more people around the world consider Turkey the mecca of beauty procedures. Turkey is among the top five in the world, where people have decided to correct their appearance with aesthetic procedures. People arrive from America and Northern Europe, as well as citizens of Italy and France, for example, choose the beauty services offered by this foreign country, which have the best price-quality ratio, and this with a simultaneous vacation. Turkish medicine speaks of modernity, and since the practice of doctors is large, such professionalism allows to offer top-level services. 

The range of beauty procedures we offer in Estonia is wide, but in Turkey, as a popular destination for medical tourism, it is even more extensive, and one of the strongest advantages is the comparative advantage of prices, which vary several times from country to country. However, Turkey is able to offer such favorable prices for procedures because the demand is high and there are many qualified professionals working in the clinic.

As BodyMed, a company mediating medical tourism procedures in Turkey, we focus primarily on the client’s wishes and needs and on providing high-quality service. It is possible to combine different procedures at the same time during your stay in Turkey, and what we highlight is the best service and personal approach of the Turkish clinic. We are a start-up company in Estonia, but the customer experiences so far, who have made their appearance more beautiful on the spot, speak for themselves. The service from the airport transfer to a 5* hotel, the on-site reception by doctors and specialists is humanly sincere and warm, as befits a country of the sun, and the procedures and follow-up care are world-class. That it is a premium class service is one of the most powerful feedbacks that we can hear from a satisfied customer. 

The list of procedures offered at the clinic is long – men with balding heads can find a solution with a hair transplant to get a lush hairstyle. Dental crowns are installed for a bright smile and Hollywood style as the Turks like to call it. Breast correction with either implants or mastopexy, i.e. breast reduction surgery, is very popular. However, the list of services continues, and when combined among several procedures, each client will find a suitable one that will help him achieve an aesthetically beautiful result. One of our slogans is beauty and rest hand in hand, and our goal is to help people find solutions and answers to long-term wishes to become more beautiful, by directing our clients to the best specialists, so that both the client and us are fully satisfied with the desired results.

Wishing for a more beautiful life,

BodyMed Estonia