Liina's new smile from the Istanbul beauty clinic

Liina visited a beauty clinic in Istanbul with her family in the summer. Liina’s wish was to acquire an aesthetically beautiful set of teeth. Liina had zirconium crowns installed, and we will soon achieve a wonderful result.

“I can see from the photos how much I dare to smile now. A bright white beautiful smile, that was my biggest goal when I went on holiday to Istanbul. I heard firsthand that in Istanbul it is possible to have a Hollywood-style smile done at a very good price. My story related to teeth started just before the time of corona, when I visited a dentist and received an offer for six laminates at the price of 6000 euros. I even agreed to such an offer at that moment, because at that time I did not see any other option. Today, however, I am extremely glad that I did not settle for such a choice. Otherwise, I would have only six upper laminates and that is obviously too little, the result would have been unnatural. The time of corona and restrictions began, and I could no longer visit the doctor. Dental treatment was postponed indefinitely. After a few years, however, I heard how a relative had dental crowns installed in Turkey, and many times cheaper than here. Seeing her smile, I never hesitated, and since a family vacation to Turkey was coming up, I decided to have zirconium crowns installed during the vacation.

The staff of the clinic and the personal dentist left a very pleasant and helpful impression. You could see that the team is really into it, and the work is done very carefully, based on every little detail, which I emphasised when I wanted what my teeth should look like.

I am a blonde woman and I chose the lightest shade. I had 10 crowns installed on both the upper and lower jaw. I was very satisfied with the result and sincerely recommend BodyMed as a professional service provider. Everything turned out better than expected for me. I am so grateful that such an opportunity came into my life at the right time..

I wish all of us a bold initiative to improve our appearance, this will greatly increase our self-confidence”, Liina rejoices.

Requesting a quote for BodyMed Esthetics teeth is easy. Forward info@bodymed.ee a panoramic scan of your mouth, which you can have done at most dental clinics. We will then send you a specific price offer and the trip to Turkey can begin. In the case of Liina’s example, the price of a zirconium dental crown is 200 euros/tooth. When installing 20 teeth, the cost of the service is 4000 euros, including private transfers from Istanbul airport to the hotel and clinic, accommodation in a 5* hotel with breakfast and overnight stay on site for approximately 7 nights.

Wishing you beautiful smiles,

BodyMed Estonia team