Done, rested and happy!

One of the biggest dreams for a long time in this life was to get back the confidence and smile that has always accompanied me since childhood

The first setback to this smile came in the second grade, when the bottom of the children’s pool unexpectedly hit the bottom of the children’s pool and broke the front teeth in the second grade. Since then, I have never jumped headfirst into the water in my life, and I will not. And going to the dentist was the biggest fear of my life.

At one point, crowns were put on there and ten or more years ago they were also replaced with a new one, but over time they sank, the color of the secondary teeth became paler and the fear of the dentist was insane.

Times changed, materials changed, doctors changed, but prices in Estonia also changed in the same way, and not x (times) once, but considerably more. The last price quote in Estonia for doing all the work that was done on me in Istanbul was in the order of 32,000 plus euros and extra for each additional move.

At one point, however, life brought me together with Bodymed Estonia and Triin Randloo, who offers security and the opportunity to go to reliable clinics in Turkey. I mustered up the courage, took the first pictures in Estonia and sent them to the recommended clinic in Istanbul. It didn’t take long before the initial price offer of what to do, how to do it, and what additional options there are, arrived from there. Triina and I looked it over and it seemed reasonable, some things just needed to be specified and negotiated.

Things were locked and then the first visit was arranged, proper accommodation, reception and transfers included in the price as promised. Upon arrival at the clinic, everything was reviewed by the doctor, the risks and possibilities were discussed, additional things were added, the material was exchanged for a better one and the final price offer was agreed upon. At this point, it should be noted that Triin was in contact with me from Estonia on WhatsApp during the whole process and in the meantime he also held heated discussions with the people of the clinic so that there would be no language barrier and both of us would clearly understand what was being done, why and how. In the end, we came to a clear understanding, put the matter on paper and closed the deal with a number that satisfied both parties.

And the work could begin. During the first stay in Turkey, all necessary root treatments and removals were performed, new zirconium crowns were installed and finally 7 implants at once😊.

What was most important for me was that it was done practically painlessly. Every time things got too bad, I asked for another and another injection to get over my biggest fear (the dentist😊) alive. It is also important that if we had agreed on a certain amount in the end, it also remained so. It was not necessary to pay extra for each new injection (as in Estonia) or for additional work that occurred.

Then four months were missed in order to make sure all the implants were in place, and at the end of January I was able to come for a second visit. It was a few days longer than the first, but in the process all the implants got their correct crowns, there was a lot of timming and matching. I also had the previous ones sanded a little more precisely and the new ones were matched exactly with the ones that were previously installed. And since I was still afraid of pain, I boldly let them have fun with the injections so that I wouldn’t have to be afraid.

Today, everything has been done, the roots have been treated, new crowns have been placed on all teeth and the “Hollywood smile” is available.

And most importantly, the implants have a lifetime guarantee and the crowns according to which material you choose. Otherwise, I chose the best and the total investment in my health was 3 times cheaper than the last price offer in Estonia😊

Many thanks to Dr. Erdinç Deniz, his assistant, translator and the entire team of Dentakay Clinic. Thank you Triin and Bodymed Estonia for always helping me on this journey when the need arose.

Now I’m just happy, because my health has been finally “repaired” in the last five years and all the necessary “spare parts” have been replaced and Vilbaste 3.0 has been created😊

It remains only to wait for offers from Hollywood…
Raivo working: www.icake.ee